Admissions for the academic year 2011 - 2012 are closed.

A c a d e m i c s

    From the curriculum objective, the school is divided into
  • Preschool (Smart Kids)
  • Nursery School: Lower and Upper Kindergarten (Smart Kids)
  • Primary/Middle School: 1st Std to 7th Std
  • High School: 8th Std to 10th Std

Pre School and Nursery School (SMART KIDS PROGRAM)

     Children learn the maximum in their early years. Every child is special and unique. Hence, Smart Kids Program for pre-school is structured in such a way that individual need of every child is fulfilled. Be it social, intellectual or emotional.

    Play-way and Montessori Method are adopted and traditional practices like memorizing and reciting poems, tables are being introduced. Emphasis is placed on personal and social development at an early level which reflects the character in the many years to come.

    Smart Kids learning program is child centric and that the child through self learning grasps the basic concepts required for further classes. Top priority is given to Activity based learning, where the child learns while he/she plays.

    The curriculum is designed with inputs from top educational consultants from New Zealand and Australia.

    The activity room is filled with special and safe teaching aids are used to make the child involved and grasp better. Sandpits, safe play equipments and lawn comprise the play area.

Primary/Middle School and High School

Learning is a journey, in fact a continuous one

     Primary, Middle and High school classes play an even more active and important role. We offer an excellent academic environment added with various activities, competitions, limited strength in classes and ever evolving curriculum. The teachers form the ground support as well as the back bone of our educational institution. They are learned, well trained, motivated and ever enthusiastic. Spacious and Well ventilated class rooms form a part of an excellent infrastructure.

    Students are encouraged to take part in a variety of sports, games and other activities. Our school boasts of many national level athletes and sportsmen, some of whom have participated in Asian and other international events. Emphasis is laid not only on scoring high marks, but also on life skills and traditional values.

    We offer Karnataka state syllabus as well as CBSE syllabus in the style of ‘New Cambridge International Public School’.